Wishy-Washiness Spawns Timelines!

A number of new members have noted items gone missing, or, more frequently, turning up in odd places. There is misplacing your keys, and then there is finding them frozen in a friend’s ice-cube tray. While this could be the symptom of simple drunken idiocy, it could also be a symptom that you’ve briefly crossed through a timeline in which the drunken idiot was an alternate version of you. You may have suffered his or her consequences while she or he has reaped your sober rewards.

While anyone can inadvertently cross into a similar timeline (a tree with an extra leaf, a misremembered quote from Shakespeare), Time Travelers are more prone to these slips into nearly identical parallel realities. The easiest way to protect yourself from this sort of issue is to be firm in your resolve to be either sober or drunk. Remember, wishy-washiness spawns timelines.

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