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Back to the Future Date

The “Future Day”  hoax currently making the rounds can be confusing in that it isn’t an actual hoax, but rather appears to be a case of information slippage from a nearby timeline. In this present timeline (Q42), the date Marty

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Top 10 Movie Lines from Alternate Realilties


One of the great pleasures of visiting other timelines is you get to see your favorite films again, and enjoy them for the different perspective. Even people who don’t time travel may know many scenes in Back to the Future

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A Note About Alan Turing

The coroner wished it to be a suicide, and pronounced it so. On his word, Alan Turing’s apple went untested  for  cyanide. They say he applied to it to bring about his own, death, eating a poison apple like Snow White.

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Father’s Day Advice for Time Travelers

Many fathers are a mystery. Father’s Day is often used by Time Travelers to go back in time, and learn more about their own fathers. Watching your dad nervously hold you as a baby, or harshly interrogate your prom date

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The Hitler Games Open Today

The Hilter Games open today at CST. For those of you unfamiliar with the games, here is a brief synopsis from coordinator Joanna Sherman: The Hitler Games are an annual competition to thwart  Hitler’s rise to power without killing

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Wishy-Washiness Spawns Timelines!

A number of new members have noted items gone missing, or, more frequently, turning up in odd places. There is misplacing your keys, and then there is finding them frozen in a friend’s ice-cube tray. While this could be the

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M19-M21 Off-limits Until Further Notice

The M19-M21 timelines are again off-limits throughout North America until further notice, unless you are doing research on extreme climate change. You should conclude your research as soon as possible, be licensed to drive a double-wide or triple-wide S.U.V. vehicle

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Press to Time Travel

The street artist known as “Sticker Lady” had been arrested in Singapore for converting walk-signal buttons into time machines by means of ingenuous stickers reading  “Press to Time Travel.” The police have stated they “take a serious view of such

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A Report From Commander Octopus

Commander Octopus* has filed a report from 2114  letting us know the ice caps are gone and the oceans have engulfed most of the earth. He was quite gleeful about it; he does love the sea. He is in divergent

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Dwelling on the Past is Not the Same as Dwelling in It


Stafford Brent’s time travel license has been suspended for 6 months while he is being treated for retronausea. Stafford returned to Oxford more than a dozen times before we made him stop. Each trip made him a little sicker. Each

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