Can I travel through time?

Yes. At the very least, you should be able to travel through time using the first known method of time travel, listed immediately below.

  How can I travel through time?

There are three known methods of time travel:

  1. Remain where you are. Travel forward in time at the normal rate.
  2. Travel forward in time at an accelerated rate using the dilation effects associated with near light speed.
  3. Travel backward or forward in time freely, using a Temporal Line Stabilizer to ensure you are able to return to your own present and to a location which is safe.

Can I change the past?

If you do not know if you can change the past, you should not attempt to change the past. Only a licensed Time Traveler or other certified expert in temporal mechanics should attempt to make changes to existing events.

   If I change the past, could I cease to exist?

No. If you change the past you will not cease to exist. If you were to test the Grandfather Paradox by traveling back in time to kill your grandfather before he met your grandmother, you would spawn a new timeline in which you never existed. This timeline would diverge from the timeline in which you did not travel back in time and kill your grandfather. Please do not travel back in time and kill your grandfather. Please do not travel back in time and kill your grandmother. Please do not kill anybody.

  Can I at least kill Hitler?

No. Desmond Warzel covers this in his short story, Wikihistory. However, the real reasons differ slightly. As noted above, traveling back in time to kill Hitler would only spawn an instance of a Hitler-free timeline. While this might seem harmless, the IUTT rules prohibit murder, especially when preemptive as there are usually other, better methods to adjust the timeline.

Also note that the IATT is a fictional organization, either based upon the IUTT, or, more likely, inspiring it, depending on the nature of timeline from which Mr. Warzel’s story was written.

  How do I know I am in the correct timeline?

If your Temporal Line Stabilizer does not begin with the prefix code Q42:NOP… you are not in the correct timeline.

  What is a Q42 timeline?

Q42 is an abbreviated designation for a set of timelines diverging from and intertwining with a single agreed upon timeline. Your present timeline should be a Q42 timeline. If you are accessing this site from a non-Q42 timeline, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information found here.

  What if I am from a Q41 or Q43 timeline?

If you are from a prior or subsequent divergent you may still find information on this site useful, but should verify any information with the website: redacted.

  Why are some of your links redacted?

Redacted links usually connect to a site outside the present timeline. If you are seeing them, you will need to switch to a browser able to aggregate, parse, and assemble data from these links into something meaningful. More information about this process can be found here: redacted




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